Month: April 2021

What do you care what they say?

We adapt ourselves to what is acceptable, we are so preoccupied with how what we do, wear, say, choose, look from the outside, that we lose what we really want. And you know what's funny? It all happens when on the other side there are people begging for innovation and courage.

What is stage fright?

Glossophobia - This is how the fear of standing on stage and in front of an audience is defined and it is the most common anxiety in the world. More than fear of heights, terror attack, flight or anxiety about death in and of itself.

Introverted managers are more influential.

I arrived at his office, met a skinny and quiet man, introduced myself and immediately approached the matter. How do you want us to start? I asked and he replied, you are wasting your precious time, do not worry about the payment you will receive on time but I really do not feel I should be a star, stand on stages and speak, I am not comfortable there .. Ok I answered, just before I go, let me explain to you something.

Going on stage? Memorize this.

Have you decided to get on stage and make an impact? Focus on the content, the essence of the content. Lower noises, forget popular tricks and bring yourself, it's that simple. Audiences smell fakes from miles away, be warned. Is the pulse rising? Does the mouth dry out? Fine, it means you are excited and also a little apprehensive, share with the audience what you are feeling.