The ketchup theory. It's a thing

By Sigal Avitan
Remember the article about stage fright? I researched what its source was and seemed to find it. (Modestly yes?)

So what is the ketchup theory you ask? Suppose one of our children squirts ketchup on his brother's shirt, when we're out, when there's people around us, we probably will ask him firmly but respectfully and quietly to stop with it right away and help his brother clean the shirt. If the same prank had happened at our house, the shouts would have opened the traffic jam on 5th avenue.

Even before we learn to speak, we learn that when we are exposed to the environment, we need to change… So is it any wonder that most of us are with audience fear? 

How many of you think a thousand times before uploading a photo to Facebook? Writing a post? Not to mention changing professions or learning something you really want to learn ? but you are afraid of criticism, Holding back your life, your creativity, your passion, just because you are waiting for the approval of the environment? How many of you are now sitting at home, dreaming of revealing your knowledge, presenting with confidence, conducting a meeting in such a way that no one will bother you And do not get me wrong, it is clear to me that it is scary, my mouth also dries and the pulse rises when the cameras are turned on, but such anxiety that comes from the fear of messing up in front of a live audience, is natural, so how do I deal with it? First, getting ready properly and second, I learned that when I'm scared I'm probably out of my comfort zone and when I'm out of my comfort zone, I'm probably doing something new and doing something new is much more exciting than pleasing the environment. So lose it all because of the fear of criticism? is not that a loss?

And you know why today it's a shame many times over? Because in the new world, the one that unfolds before us every morning, certainly during the period of acceleration that the Corona has brought upon us, the one that allows each and every one of us to reinvent ourselves, we must not leave it, the shame, the "what will they say" not even one more moment within us. We need to kick it with all our might and farthest, it does not serve us, it buries our future, the possibility of liquidating the mortgage, our exclusive right to fulfillment. Our fulfillment, not of the environment, even if the environment is called father or mother. Besides, our time in this world is too short to constantly think "what will they say?" And if they say… so what.

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