Going on stage? Memorize this.

By Sigal Avitan
Have you decided to get on stage and make an impact? Focus on the content, the essence of the content. Lower noises, forget popular tricks and bring yourself, it's that simple. Audiences smell fakes from miles away, be warned. Is the pulse rising? Does the mouth dry out? Fine, it means you are excited and also a little apprehensive, share with the audience what you are feeling.

Some time ago I attended a conference of people who learned as part of a course how to speak in front of an audience. They all spoke in the same way, with the same hand gestures, with the same intonation and with the same methodical pauses in the flow of speech.

The play was awkward. This is not how you overcome shame. I reject the accepted practices that call on all of us to acquire charisma and become stage animals. I believe that everyone has their own unique style and with this style he should perform. Beyond that, shyness has great charm. There is research that states that a blushing person produces immediate trust and closeness. Feel comfortable with the fact that you are not comfortable being exposed. There is nothing natural about it. The fear of "squandering" in front of a lively, breathing and impatient crowd is justified and should not be ignored. But the most important thing is to follow the heart with courage. Want to stand on stage and sweep the audience in front of you? 

  1. Run in the morning - endorphins, rouge on the cheeks, blood flow, oxygen and focus are wonderful things.
  2. Be beautiful. Your most beautiful.
  3. Anyone who tells you "feel comfortable on stage" is talking nonsense, what is right to say is "feel comfortable with the fact that you are not comfortable on stage"
  4. Forget texts in the presentation. Use numbers, music, pictures or video.
  5. Bring your forte, your strengths, three times during the lecture. If you did not find any - return home. You are not ready for your own lecture yet.
  6. Build your lecture correctly. Just as a play, a film or a performance has a structure, so in a lecture - there is a climax and there is an end. Kahneman received a Nobel for this. .
  7. Is the agenda accurate and the story boring? Take a screenwriter who will write for you the story that will convey your important message.
  8. Rehearse in front of your children. If they get bored it's not good. Do they enjoy? Fine, you can go on. Lecture to your close friends. Are they flatterers? Swap friends.

9. Sometimes one out of place line destroys the whole experience. You know what a line it is and you probably feel it too. Do not be lazy. Work on it again, until it works.

10. Breathe

.11. Did you go on stage? Look at your audience, smile at it, tell it something exciting or funny that is not part of the lecture.

12. Are you not funny? Do not try.

  1. The lecture is over. Did the audience enjoy? Fine, you'll have another one. Don't have another one? Get back to work.
  2. You finished the lecture and were asked where is the shirt from? Section 2 passed successfully.

15. Did you finish the lecture and they ask when is the next? Great. Start advertising yourself.

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