Personal accompaniment

The method created by Sigal Avitan is called TALENT EVOLVING and it makes it possible to neutralize external noises, remove barriers and deal with the fear of criticism in preparation for change processes and the transition to the front of the stage. Working with Sigal Deadline is God so any such encounter is limited to 80 days. It does not promise its customers (including: Assaf Cohen Deputy Commander 8200, Moshe Mary, CEO of Nespresso, senior executives at KPMG, Orna Banai, Shimon Shebes, Dr. Mia Wiesel and more) to go around the world in eighty days, but only to see it from an angle slightly different. Avitan testifies that she especially enjoys working with the shy and introverted "those who treasure pearls within them and for many years avoid sharp movements in their careers and public exposure."

The essence of the content is the heart of the matter and despite this she will start practicing standing in front of an audience and in front of a camera. Clients who transmit shyness and vulnerability she will be encouraged to feel comfortable with that which is uncomfortable to them with exposure to the audience and as a result with criticism and those whose body language conveys closure or rigidity it sends to dance classes. She said, "This is a wonderful way to release barriers and feel comfortable with different body language from person to person and it's good that way. Those who thought it was too drastic a step found themselves in Pilates classes. "The road to the front of the stage," she says, "sometimes passes in unexpected places."