The senior executives of the successful companies in Israel and around the world have moved to the front of the stage and it seems as if they are comfortable there in front of a lively and breathing audience.
Were they born like that?
not really no. They learned to refine the message, write a climax and an ending properly and practiced to deal with the stage fright that is present in all of us.

How to become An excellent lecturer?

In today’s world, the one that is changing at an accelerated pace, when there are endless innovations and ideas, the emphasis shifts to people.
Who is the manager who will sweep the entire market after him? Which entrepreneur will infect employees, partners and investors with his personal vision? Why do those who have broken their personal barriers earn three times as much? And who is it that will really bring value to society and how do you become that person?

All these questions and more will be answered by Sigal Avitan in the digital course
"How to be an excellent lecturer?"

Who is an excellent lecturer?

We all know managers, experts and professionals who excel in their field.
But how many of them are known to the general public?
Have they leveraged their personal abilities and burst into the whole consciousness and become those who are at the forefront of the relevant conferences?

Those who have become well-known and influential in the business world and have learned to turn their professional and personal assets into public advertising and success, have done so gradually with the help of the right professionals.

Writing speeches, which include standing in front of an audience or a camera and the personal presentation are just a small part of the steps that must be taken before going into the spotlight and it is a very critical work centered on: locating the agenda, refining the message, training and experiencing standing in front of an audience. 

Attending conferences, going on stage, taking part in professional panels and media exposure are an essential milestone in building the class you want to reach and is an integral part of your branding system.

I do not sculpt, I carve in stone until the statue is discovered.


What needs to be done in order to be an excellent lecturer?

"If what you're going to tell me now, I can read on Google, your lecture will not really affect me."

"I do not act in order to please my clients, I do not agree that the client is always right, I avoid shallow advice, and I recognize the limitations of all advisory methods as they are.
In my opinion, marking the first place as a goal is fundamentally wrong and usually achieves the opposite.
Leadership is achieved by leading change.
My clients know that.
I know how to discern the power of the introverted and the quiet.
I value creative people, thinking people, ambitious people and believe in the term inspiration, the word work and the concept of leadership.

I understand how to get managers and creators to manage and perfect the leader inside them and I know how to teach them to achieve the ability to sweep others to follow in their footsteps.

Sigal Avitan

So how do you do that?

Put a deadline on the table and begin conversations to refine and decipher the mental DNA that underlies all things, actions and decisions.

In the next step, we move on to refining an agenda and formulating a personal manifesto. And the decisions.

Continue to the training, experimenting and training in standing in front of an audience and in front of a camera.

Moving forward to building tools, connections and influential assets - lecture, book, documentary, management method, network series, digital identity, etc.

Sigal Avitan

Senior strategist, entrepreneur, writer and lecturer.

Among its customers over the years - Strauss, Africa Industries, Microsoft, Ernst & Young, Psagot, Zim, Makhteshim Agan, Bezeq, Rav Briach, Negev, Nisco, Electric Company, Migdal, El-Al, Reshet, the Sports Channel, Disney, Roe The Jewish National Fund, the Buildings of the Nation, the Hebrew University, the University of Haifa and more.

“I understand how to get managers and creators to manage and refine the leader in them and I know how to teach them to achieve the ability to sweep others to follow in their footsteps. 
Many can manage and create, but only a selected few, those who boldly dare to change and to make a change manage to lead and leave a mark.

Some managers are ripe to move to the forefront of the stage in terms of their knowledge and professional experience,
But they fear failure and public criticism.
Others feel frustrated by their current endeavors, but find it difficult to locate exactly what they want. What is it that will make them wake up every morning with passion and curiosity.
Managers and entrepreneurs are practical people, their time is limited, and in many cases, they are strict with themselves. Their aspiration to establish their company as a leader in its field involves tremendous pressure and daily coping that sometimes erodes them. Where they are used to dealing with graphs, numbers, deficits and gains, I suggest they look at the world of emotions.
I help them redefine what their true goals are, remove barriers, move "presenters" and move to the front of the stage."

How to lecture

An interactive zoom course that will turn you into fascinating lecturers.

Six sessions, two hours and forty-five minutes per session, a total of 12 participants.

What's in the course?

Refining the message, adapting the story to the target audience, constructing the lecture according to the rules of drama, lowering noise and fear of criticism, locating the ONE LINER and taking the stage.

In a 12-hour online course, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the methods, tools and variety of options that each of you has to move to the forefront, significantly increase your impact and triple your revenue potential.

The dry details:


Common questions

No, but you can get a refund for it if you notify me twenty-four hours before it starts.

Yes. Each stage has its power. The introductory course provides a glimpse, the full digital course provides tools and the classroom class allows for the removal of barriers and experience in each session.

Introduction - Unlimited. Digital course - 12. Class course - 18

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