Lectures and workshops

Lecture: What do you care what they say?

The effect of shame on decision making. Why do we not have the courage to break through, stand out and focus only on what we really want? These questions exist and resonate in each of us in our personal lives and in our various roles in organizations. We avoid moving to the front of the stage and as a result, we and the organization alike often miss opportunities for change, growth and development just because of the fear of criticism, rejection and shame. The lecture is interwoven with managerial and personal conclusions, insights that have led to breaking old paradigms and building new ones so that everyone can identify themselves and the central axis on which substantive and everyday decisions rest.

Lecture: How to become a business talent?

The business world has changed and we must recognize this change and act on it in a timely manner. Social networks have completely changed not only our social lives but also the relationships between us and our customers. There is a direct connection between the managers who head the company and its value in the stock market. The manager becomes a sort of seismograph to the value of the company’s stock and must treat his personal branding with the same seriousness with which he is meticulous for the company he heads. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many other executives realized this on time, and have been working day in and day out to convey an accurate message that matches the spirit of the organization. Customers are looking for content, a world of values ​​that is clear, transparent and direct. Whoever heads a big company can no longer settle for his presenter and must be exposed to himself and become a talent.

Lecture: Who needs charisma?

So who needs charisma? Everyone and no one. If you have it - it's wonderful, and if you do not have it, then there is no need to purchase it, but there is a need to train other "muscles". I recently attended a conference of people who learned as part of a course how to speak in front of an audience. They all spoke in the same way, with the same hand gestures, with the same intonation and with the same methodical pauses in the flow of speech. This is not how you overcome the embarrassment of speaking in front of an audience. Everyone has their own unique style and with that style they have to speak in front of an audience. At least a third of the successful executives I accompany are charismatic and far from being defined as rockstars and yet they have swept away many partners who have pursued their ideas. These are the people who, among other things, prefer to listen instead of talk.

Lecture: Why do I have an agenda now?

How did the capitalist tycoons - the philosophers of the new world - turn their agenda into a business generator? These talents feel committed to driving change and innovation, and understand that the agenda they locate and publicize is the most important asset of their organization.

Workshop: Eighty days in 8 hours

Eighty days can be a little time if we do not make good use of them, but on the other hand they can be enough to go around the world, and certainly ourselves without flying. Not at all and not about ourselves. Why eighty days? How did I develop the method? What is it based on? Managers and entrepreneurs are different from each other. Differ in their worldview, way of managing, lifestyle, etc., but one thing most of them have in common - urgent tasks take over the schedule and significant decisions, even those that may change the fate of the company or organization, are rarely made, and often a move that began with great enthusiasm Buried under load and never executed. When did there be a significant change? When decision makers are required for public disclosure. In a short time and sometimes even within a few hours, decisions are made and the messages are written. They all go into record efficiency. We are better when you look at us. (Plato). Exposure and dead line cause us to overwhelm and move forward quickly, like a guided missile. This is exactly what led me to develop the 80 day method and the eighty day workshop in 8 hours.

Workshop: What is a One Liner?

What is a One Liner? Why do we need one? What do you do with it? In a practical workshop, I will share with you examples of executives from the business and cultural world who have chosen to put their statement of intent in one line. We will talk about the importance of locating and refining this 'thing' that burns in you to change and fills you with passion and faith. I will explain why we need this flashlight to stand out, influence and lead a meaningful career. Enter your personal writing process together, in consultation and dialogue with all participants.