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"If you are not brave, do not start working with her. She is smart, witty, tough and sensitive. Endlessly devoted. Even for an experienced person like me it was a formative experience." Shimon Shebes, entrepreneur, businessman and former director general of the Prime Minister's Office, Yitzhak Rabin.
סיגל הצליחה לגרום לי להפוך את תחום היין מחלום למקצוע, באמצעות מילים. פשוט כמו שזה נשמע. Tal Tauber Gottesdiner, a wine woman, founder of the weaving of women in the wine industry.
If you have read Hshuma you have understood everything. A strong, sharp and precise woman, I have the right to be close to the brand, Sigal Avitan. Zeev Sharoni, Netivei Israel
Sigal Avitan, innate nobility, high emotional intelligence, caressing voice, clear and smiling, bright-depth ability to everyday issues. Floating lightness thorough debate. The most magnetizing lady in a discourse or lecture. It is impossible not to be charmed. Geula Aussi, CEO and founder of Cultural Capital
"Sigal has a wonderful ability to understand you and contain you with gentle wisdom, to open your eyes to other directions and in her sometimes quiet or stormy way to take you in her reassuring confidence to do things you were not sure you could." Jonah Wiesenthal, a senior television personality
"I was thrilled by her ability to know and understand exactly what I need in almost a moment and more, to lead me there with wisdom, gentleness and endless devotion." Orna Banai, creator, actress, comedian.
"Sigal has a delicate rigidity. The dead line is accompanied by a lot of sensitivity to thought and development processes." Dr. Mia Wiesel. Educational Hacker.
"Iron woman, sharp, eloquent and witty. Sensitivity on the guise of toughness." Batsheva Recanati, psychotherapist and group facilitator.
"The process of working with Sigal is sharp and interesting. It starts with cracking and continues with an exciting and interesting lecture." Moshe Mary CEO of Nespresso
"She is impossible and always necessary. If you are built for mental bungee jumping, this is the woman you need to work with." Amir Rapaport, an entrepreneur and businessman
"Her impatience for bullshit is leading to rapid change and substantial growth." Dan Orenstein, owner of a company for strategy and crisis management HO.
"Siegel, wisely and graciously knows how to shape the future and walk hand in hand with those who choose a known and unknown path." Omri Geffen, founder and CEO of Gevim.
"The most interesting woman you will ever know. Sigal turns anything and everyone into a story the world wants to hear." Erica Wesser CEO and Founder of LAWYERS.
"Sigal breaks down the word impossible into an island of possibilities." Avner Khodorov, lecturer, creator, composer, musician, arranger and producer. Member of Mashina band
"She is a partner in the full sense of the word." Yoav Ben Yakar, CEO of the Teleclal Group
"I enjoyed every moment. Sigal is sharp and sophisticated, knows how to keep the necessary distance and is exactly the one to equip with when looking for someone who can be trusted when you want to regenerate." Jola Reitman, Lecturer, Mosad
A strong, significant and amazing professional woman. Passed me on a journey in and out without giving up on my sore spots, all with lots of caring and love. Asaf Cohen Deputy Chief Commander 8200 (former)
What she did in this book, author Sigal Avitan, is genius! Literally a linguistic study of a multilayered concept that crosses so many cultures and acts as an engine on the one hand and as a deterrent on the other hand to almost every action of ours as human beings. All this in a story cover with wonderful characters and an intriguing plot at a fast pace! Shapo ! Mary (simania)
Sigal Avitan sends a message to the main and side issues, fluent and entertaining manner. The plot reflects the reality in which we all live, and has a bittersweet charm that touches all the exposed capillaries of the reader. The family connection is very strong in the plot and is the anchor of the whole. This is a book read in one breath. Hagit Ben Hur (Makor Rishon)
Let’s start from the end: one of the best books I’ve read. The book is read with bated breath. I read it in a few hours, unable to put it down. The book is wonderfully written, entertaining, well-paced, except for the ending, which is a little too fast for me. As if the writer is in a hurry to tie ends… For me the story is not the main thing but through the wonderful writing of Sigal Avitan. Highly recommended! Haviva Ivri (Reading Club for Book Lovers)
I never thought Moroccans had a word for this Polish phenomenon. Orna Ben Dor, Israeli film and television director.
Sigal Avitan's book, "Hshuma," swept me with thoughts about the forces that drive us, about the importance of "what will they say" in our conduct. Dr. Nimrod Kazlovsky, entrepreneur and strategist and legal consultant.
"..If I recommend as a general rule, to avoid reading spoilers of the plot content, then in this book even more so. The plot twists are part of the basic insight that Avitan, the writer, leads and instills in us during the reading. Ori Raanana (simania)
I read the book in one breath and it touched me exactly where it should. An exciting, funny and formative book. Orna Banai, creator, actress, comedian.
Anyone who grew up in Yaki house will read this book as a roots work. Excellent pace, a must-read book. Dgania. (Steimatzky)
Sigal Avitan breaks down the concept of shame (shame or "what will they say") into factors and then collects it back and all in a rhythmic and interesting plot that is very reminiscent of her own life. The concept is indeed taken from Moroccan culture but it crosses cultures and sectors and it also appears in the book. A kind of fascinating anthropological study. Marina Vaknin Epstein. (Reading Club for Book Lovers)
A great book read in one breath. Goldin (Hebrew)
Massage for the soul. Just a pleasure. Avitan is striking and exciting. Rakefet (Ivrit)
A funny and rather crazy affair with a twist of business tension and a big and unexpected quarrel in the heart of someone who thought the book just came to entertain. Shira Naaman (Ivrit)
Writing a cynical witty writing does indeed show for real life. Do not stop for a moment from an amazing writer begin to write the next book. Ricky Eckler Assulin (Steimatzky)
How much we lose because of the Hshuma anxiety… I wish we would stop… Saving the book for my little girls. Raheli (Steimatzky)
I enjoyed the rhythm and humor. Sigal Avitan tagged a feeling and got rid of it .. There is such a treatment method. Sigal Mevorach (Steimatzky)
A simply wonderful and wonderful book. Really intriguing pleasure. Simple fluent language is appealing to read without assuming. The way of life of the peppered Moroccan community customs the parents. Her life as a divorcee to manage and have a company among all these, raise 3 kids and meet companies, to go out with men. Highly recommend. Rooti. (simania)

"את.ה טאלנט רק אם הגעת לשלב בו המעמד שלך
מקדם משהו או מישהו.
לא להיפך."

Sigal Avitan

TALENT EVOLVING – פורצים קדימה ב-80 יום 

אם לא תלך אחרי התשוקה שלך, איזה סיכוי יש לך?  את באמת חושבת שאת  יכולה להסתיר מכל העולם? ואם תסתירי, כמה זמן זה יחזיק מעמד? ומה יקרה כשיגמר לך הכח מלהחזיק בבטן את הרצון שלך לפרוץ ולעבור אל קדמת הבמה?? אני נזהרת ככל יכולתי מלומר לאנשים מה הם צריכים לעשות, אבל חשוב לי להשאיל להם את הפנס שלי לשמונים יום ואז הם מבינים לבד שיש כל כך הרבה דרכים לחיות.

There are hundreds of successful business people And groundbreaking entrepreneurs,Have you ever wondered why only a few are market leaders? There are dozens of Amazing lawyers ,How is it that those familiar to the general public can be counted on one hand? Many consultants are innovative, Generators of change And visionaries, why do the same names keep appearing in professional conferences? 

How does it happen? 

It's very simple, they work at it! These people manage to influence, lead, change and be changed. Because they invest time and resources, they clear daily tasks from the table to clarify an agenda, write and refine what burns in them to say and change. The essential work is done way before you go public 

None of them were born that way, You can too.

 אני באופן אישי, נהנית במיוחד לעבוד עם the shy and introverted, אלה שחוששים משינוי, כישלון או ביקורת, pearls are stored inside them and for many years they avoid מלתפוס את קדמת הבמה.

אני כאן לרשותכם, 
Sigal Avitan 

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The first book by Sigal Avitan, the bestseller "Hshuma" now in three languages here for purchase on the site.
Soon the new books "Heat waves in mid-January" and the reference book - "How to be a business talent"

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